Trade Shows & Convention Photography

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Conventions are all about people. Crowds of people. Speakers. Receptions. Networking. People listening attentively in a breakout session or, swarming a booth on your convention floor, winning awards. Have us capture your crowds. Let us show the dynamic events that bring people to your conference, again and again. Our photos will tell the story of your convention, and show your diverse and unique attendees.

Here's how we are unique

  • We click the photo, and upload it live, in real time, to our Photostream. You have instant access from your private, provided TEFpic iPad, our cloud, or Flickr.
  • We help you leverage photos for instant use on social networks.
  • We always include copy rights in our rates
  • We never charge added expenses, like travel or hotel.
  • We never subcontract work. You'll work with our specialized team.
  • Of course the DVD of all images is included.
  • Live slide shows, updated every 4.5 minutes, broadcast to any computer with an internet connection, are available.
  • With over 40 years of convention experience, we know how to shoot in the trickiest settings. In fact, we teach other photographers how to succeed with event photography!

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From speakers to crowds, from booths to receptions, we know what photos to take. Let us capture the interaction, the dynamic flow of your Las Vegas convention. With our live photo upload, skill at lighting even the darkest venues, and expert journalistic style, you'll have photos you can use again and again.

Major Photography Work
Event Photography work with Progressive Insurance image

Think of what you can do with live access to your conference photos. Post to your blog, Tweet in real time, update your Facebook Wall. No other Las Vegas convention photographer gives you faster access to your images to leverage social networks.

Our Major Event Portfolio