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Green Screen Photo Executions Customized to YOU.

We are rock stars. We bring passion, energy, vibrancy to your green screen photo production like you've never seen before. From the first click of the camera's shutter to the very last participant, everyone will walk away feeling like they are models on a runway. If your participants aren't having a blast -- why do it? Why not pull out all the stops? Why not provide a lasting experience.

Why do we say we are rock stars of photography? Simple: we have groupies. People track us down at airports, and say how much fun they had at our photo events. We get Christmas cards from participants. Emails asking where we are next. Why?

  • Photographers who engage, entice, and invigorate.
  • Equipment that we fit and customize to your space, not the other way around.
  • Customized branding on everything.
  • Sophisticated backgrounds that take green screen fantasy to another dimension.
  • We offer green screen photography nationwide
  • The best Internet availability for sharing of green screen photos
  • After green screen photo Activation reports that quantify the success of your event.

Live Upload to Social Media and After Activation Reports!

We have Hollywood designed sets, passionate photographers, & equipment that dwarfs the traditional robot, vending machine photo booth. Need live upload to social media? Our technology leads the way. Click HERE. After the event concludes, our rock star green screen photography approach continues with exclusive Afer Activation Reports that detail how successful your event became on social media. We'll track impressions, spread, influential users, posts, and reach across all social platforms. We'll provide CSV file of all participant emails, and real-time anaytics you can share with your team.

Why We Are Different!

Photo Shoot for OShKosh by Nevada Event PhotosWe have Hollywood design setup teams & equipment that are more than just a 'LOOK HERE!' photo booth lens.

Photo Shoot for OShKosh by Nevada Event PhotosSexy & sophisticated 'IT' photographers that turn your guest into Red Carpet Hollywood stars.

Photo Shoot for OShKosh by Nevada Event PhotosWe use two high speed, load balanced printers at all green screen photo executions. two prints every 14 seconds!

Photo Shoot for OShKosh by Nevada Event PhotosWe Customize our equipment to your space, not the other way around. Scrims, lighting: all selected to fit your space.